Our Solutions

<strong>Semalytix develops Pharos® Pharma Analytics</strong>

Pharos® is a full-service, end-to-end business intelligence platform that covers the entire information life cycle including data ingestion, fully automated analysis, and interactive living reports that enable you to dig deep into your data.
Let our AI enrich your data, so you can share insights, use our auto-reporting features, and collaborate on your findings remotely – all from our advanced platform.

Business Cases

Business Analysis

Identify gaps and unmet needs by analyzing conversations about treatments from all over the globe.

Commercialization and Market Access

Identify commercialization and market barriers and understand the main drivers of prescription behavior.

Medical Excellence

Enhance your medical communications by analyzing the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

Competitive Intelligence

Anticipate your competitors’ next moves by analyzing their hiring behavior.

Marketing and Brand Reputation Management

Monitor the perceived value of your brand and products.


▪︎ Capture real-time insights via a clean and intuitive and interactive dashboard to speed up your corporate decision-making.

▪︎ Link statistical trends to their explanations by drilling down into textual evidence for every individual data point. Get an immediate overview of your entire data set from high-level summaries of large amounts of textual data at a glance.

▪︎ Benefit from the full power of the underlying Semalytix Pharma Knowledge Graph, which automatically enriches your queries based on rich in-depth, domain-specific background knowledge and segments conversations into meaningful semantic categories. At the same time, do not miss out on relevant aspects emerging from the global conversation over time. Pharos® leverages data to continuously surface new developments and topics.

▪︎ Monitor the positioning of your brands and products compared to your competitors in a meaningful and transparent way thanks to comparative dashboard views that put your analyses into perspective.

▪︎ Use a structured approach to detect trends and new developments by tracking custom queries or run them automatically and get an alert in case of significant changes.

▪︎ Select the granularity of your analysis according to your needs: zoom in on periods of interest; drill down into particular market segments, geographic regions, or specific patient populations; and correlate your results with real-world events.

▪︎ Create an effective ecosystem for rapid reporting of the insights you’ve gathered to management and colleagues by granting them access to your configured dashboard or by generating a video for them.

▪︎ Know your needs and identify your unknown unknowns: Pharos® answers your custom, predefined questions and enables you to simultaneously investigate and explore the data. Uncover questions that you never before thought to ask.

Our Products

Pharos® Horizon

Pharos® Illuminator – family
WHY is a treatment prescribed?
Aggregates medical excellence reporting and field force data into real-world insights on treatment choices in clinical practice.

Pharos® Dynamics

Pharos® Illuminator – family
WHY is a treatment prescribed?
Uses channel dynamics data to unlock the links between investment, sales force focus, HCP surveys, prescription behaviour, and sales.

Pharos® Journey

Pharos® VoCE – family
HOW is a treatment experienced?
Listens for and characterizes progression, protocol, and emotion trajectories of the patient & caregiver journey.

Pharos® Gateway

Pharos® VoCE – family
HOW is a treatment experienced?
Identifies new opportunities by understanding patients’, caregivers’, and payors’ constraints, unmet needs, and benefits.

Pharos® Compass

Pharos® NavigaTA – family
WHERE are competitors going?
Follow micro- and macro-trends in conversations on clinical trials, RWE studies, publications, and regulation.

Pharos® CharTA

Pharos® NavigaTA – family
WHERE are competitors going?
Mapping the skills, profiles, TA’s, and time frames of competitors’ resource acquisition and concentration