Climate change will be on everyone’s minds this Friday. In 150 countries around the world, Fridays for Future demonstrators will be protesting for better climate policy. At the same time, the digital startup Semalytix in Bielefeld is planting a tree for each of its employees.

“Sustainability and protecting the environment are things that our young team cares about deeply,” said co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer Matthias Hartung. “Most of us either cycle or take public transportation to work. Many of us simply walk.”

As the federal government in Berlin hopes to pass a historic climate deal, many students and employees are protesting globally. In Bielefeld, Semalytix is tackling the problem at its roots. According to co-founder Matthias Hartung, if you want to be taken seriously, you must act. The employees must now decide where they will plant their trees. Because, in the end, each of us is ultimately responsible for improving their own ecological footprint.

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