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  • Back your research with real-world evidence
  • Understand your patients’ needs from every angle
  • Successfully launch new treatments and drugs
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When you don’t have access to real patients, your data is not accurate enough to advance your research

It’s easy to get caught up worrying about understanding patients’ experiences

You struggle to prove the value of your treatments in the market

Drugs and treatments fail at launch because they’re not solving a real problem

We understand that, under the constraints of available resources and current research methodologies, your research is limited. And so are your results.

We believe you deserve to have access to all the patient experience data you need to consistently demonstrate how you positively impact their health

Patient-centricity starts with real patient experiences

We have seen research practices in place that are not accurate enough to capture what really matters most to patients.

We envision a performance-driven healthcare system that uses data-driven real-world evidence generation methods to accurately measure and optimize real-world outcomes and benefits that truly improve patients’ lives.

That’s why we founded Semalytix.

Image of patient taking medication

Listen to 1 billion patient voices

Pharos ingests millions of patient experience points from the web and provides you with real-time reports. So you get a clear understanding of how your patients are living with their conditions.

Graphic showing HyperStream statistics

How it works:

1. Describe your target population. Choose the disease, age, location, and any other information you need for your research

2. Collect data from 1 billion patients worldwide. Have access to millions of patient trajectories to hone in on the aspects that matter to you.

3. Collect evidence about the value of your treatments in real-time. Use our interactive research platform to dive deep into any aspect of the patient experience and quantify value.


Wael R. Ayad

"With somehow the haziness around defining AI and machine learning capabilities being in the growing curve of innovation, Semalytix comes to provide technology solutions, blended with consulting expertise to utilise the available vast amount of digital customer reactions, and turning them into multidimensional customers insights."

Wael R. Ayad
Sr. International Customer Insights Manager Oncology, Boehringer

Dr. Jan Brinckmann

"I invested and joined the advisory board of Semalytix because I much enjoyed working with the Semalytix team and saw the huge potential of their solution. I was impressed by their world-leading approach in the field of semantic data analysis which is reflected in a compelling product and a number of outstanding customer references in the pharmaceutical industry. Ever since it has been impressive to see the company grow, advancing their product further, winning new customers and high profile investors. Two thumbs up for the whole Semalytix team!"

Dr. Jan Brinckmann
Professor for Entrepreneurship and Strategy at ESADE

Dr. Ralf Struthoff

"A great, fast-scaling team of world-leading Artificial Intelligence and Semantics experts working with blue-chip clients."Exciting: Separating signal from noise": Semalytix solves the oldest and biggest challenge facing information processing in the billion-dollar pharmaceutical market - and will hopefully do the same for other markets soon."

Dr. Ralf Struthoff
Owner/CEO of Dr. Struthoff GmbH

Oliver Flaskämper

"I am very happy to have the opportunity to join Semalytix as an investor, as I have not encountered a company for quite some time that provides such high customer value. Semalytix will improve the lives of many people, because the company provides answers to pharmaceutical questions related to the efficacy of drugs that, previously could only be answered- if at all - with considerable time and financial investment."

Oliver Flaskämper
Managing Director of Bitcoin Deutschland AG

Eduard R. Dörrenberg

"Generally, I am very happy to support digital ventures, especially local projects such as the ones supported by the Founders Foundation or initiatives from the Pioneers Club. Semalytix is an exciting, regional and digital team with a truly innovative and highly sophisticated approach. The team researches and develops their own technologies based on artificial intelligence. I think that the personal knowledge transfer and the connection with the pharmaceutical industry are particularly well-suited."

Eduard R. Dörrenberg
Managing Director Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG

Add value to your treatments with compelling real-world data

With Pharos, you receive the patient trajectories you need in living dashboards updated in real-time. So you can confidently develop and launch drugs that demonstrably improve — save — lives.

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